YouTube and Video Marketing:

When you want to search for any product, service or any information for knowledge, out of many options you are more likely to go to YouTube or Google, so in this module we are going to take extensive coverage of how to use YouTube as a marketing tool.

YouTube can used to promote your own brands by making no payment or you can opt for Paid clicks.

If you want to earn by using YouTube then it can be a good option to make money online by showing ads of other brands on your YouTube channel.

Why YouTube Video marking is important?

  • Video conveys information more clearly then text
  • YouTube is the world’s 3rd most-visited website!
  • Target more customers on YouTube using Free or Paid promo videos
  • YouTube is number two search engine after Google
  • No one web site for Video watch with 5 Billion views
  • YouTube mobile gets over 1 billion views per day.

Topics covered in YouTube or Video Marketing:

  • Create your own successful YouTube channel
  • Grow your brand with a YouTube channel
  • Get more YouTube views
  • Get more YouTube subscribers
  • Make high-quality videos with ZERO cost
  • Post and optimize videos with great titles, descriptions, and tags
  • Create clickable thumbnails that get more views
  • Make money with a YouTube channel
  • Creating Video Channels, Uploading & Downloading Videos
  • Understanding YouTube Marketing
  • Free & Paid Video Marketing, Different Video Formats in Adwords
  • Targeting Video Ads
  • Creating Video base Ads
  • Creating Display Ads
  • Rich Media and Mobile Ads
  • Pop up ads
  • Video and Image Ads
  • Free Video Submissions
  • Earning Money with Videos
  • Tools to Create Videos
  • Video Optimization Basics
  • How to increase your views on youtube?
  • How to monetize your youtube video?
  • How to rank videos in just 24 hours on youtube?
  • How to get 1000 subscribers in one week on youtube
  • How to get more views with low subscribers?
  • How to create Promo Videos using various tools like Camtasia