Website Planning and Creation:

Digital Marketing is the process to create awareness about your products and services with the help of digital tools like website. Website is the first face of products and services that the business is offering. So it is the most important module in our all training modules.
Creating a website has always been considered a technical stuff so Website planning and creation is generally outsourced to professionals. So there is always a gap between what is expected by Business managers and what is delivered by professionals. So in this module, you will learn how to plan, analyse your requirements and compare with other websites offering similar product and services and create a stunning website using Word Press with payment gateway integration.

Objective and Learning of the Module:

Basic Understanding on website and related tools: 

  • Understanding Website, Types of Websites
  • Domain Names, Sub Domain, Extensions
  • Hosting, Web servers and types of servers
  • Hosting Plans and server packages
  • Importance of URL in the website and Digital Marketing for SEO
  • Domain, Hosting Plans and Adding domain to servers
  • Professional domains and web structures, 

Planning and creating website:

  • Book domain & hosting, adding domain to server, Subdomain
  • Design website structures, Installing word press and thems
  • Website Designing from scratch using word press
  • Start Designing Websites, Create Menu, Link picture and videos
  • Getting live with the website
  • FTP Users & Using File Zila
  • Domain Control Panels, C-Panel, Email creation
  • Payment gateway integration on each website of students 

Creating On-page basic SEO of your own Website:

  • Title of pages, Mata Tags, Descriptions and H Tags introduction
  • Install Plugins, Install Yoast SEO Plugin, SEO through Yoast
  • Make Live update on your website
  • How to install tracking codes of Google adwords conversion codes, Facebook conversion codes, remarketing codes via tag managers et

 It is an identity of the company and serves various purposes of the owner. Thus, never compromise on the quality of the Website.