Social Media Marketing [SMM]:
Social Media Marketing [SMM] is the process of creating ads on Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. to reach out to lacs of customers with a single click.

You will learn how to work on social media tools like FST, Buffer, Hootsuite etc. for bulk posting and sharing and auto scheduling without manual working.

Topics Covered in Social Media Marketing:-

  • What is Social Media Marketing?
  • How many types of ads can we run on facebook?
  • How to use facebook for lead generation?
  • Can we use facebook for branding?
  • How to target right audience based Age, Geography, Qualification and Interest
  • How to increase likes of facebook business page?
  • Run ad on Instagram
  • How to grow your Instagram fast?
  • How to run ad on LinkedIn?
  • How to run ad on twitter?
  • How to increase engagement of tweets?

Facebook and LinkedIn ads have proved to be of great success for business men in creating relevant leads.