Search Engine Marketing [SEM] or Google Adwords:

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search engine marketing.

SEO is free and lengthy process [On-Page and Off-Page] to rank higher on google search results but SEM is a paid process of showing your website immediately higher on google through ads.

In other words, Search engine marketing is a process to get higher visibility in ads position through creating and bidding on ads by use of Google Adwords. In search engine marketing, google adwords works on bid process and ad quality.

In this module, you will learn everything about Google ads like how to plan keys words, how to create campaign with less ads budget.

Topics covered in the Module:

  • What is Google Adwords and What is Campaign?
  • What is Ad-groups and difference between Ads and Keywords?
  • How many types of ads?
  • Difference between dynamic search ads and dynamic keyword insertion?
  • Keyword Match Types and Broad Match Types
  • Phrase Match Types & Exact Match Types
  • Broad Modified Match Types
  • Ad Extension
  • Bid Adjustment
  • How to control fraud click on your ad
  • Bid Simulator
  • Advanced location options