Google and web Analytics:

Google Analytics tool helps you in collecting and analysing the overall performance of the website. This starts from the study of the web traffic, content and behaviour of the targeted customers.

Considering the high demand of Google Analytics, DMCI has come up with the personalised Google analytics course for interested candidates. The main purpose of the course is to help trainees to analyse and develop best analytical skills that can help in finding the best web solutions.

In this Module, you will learn the behaviour of customers, source of visitors and effect of marketing campaign that you would have done.

Trainees will also develop skills to understand the current marketing strategies and find the ways to experience improvement in the website traffic.

Topics Covered in Google Analytics:-

  • Use of Google Analytics, Introduction to Web Analytics
  • How to attach Google Analytics with website?
  • How to check visitors in real time through Google Analytics?
  • Difference between Session vs Page view
  • How to check user behaviour from Google Analytics?
  • How to check user browser from which he is coming to your website?
  • How to check user coming from Organic, Social or direct?
  • Getting started with Google Analytics
  • Functionalities of Google Analytics
  • Content Performance Analysis
  • Google Adsense and Site Search
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • Social Media Analytics
  • User Analysis
  • Getting valuable insights and reporting
  • Social CRM and Analysis