Google Adsense & Affiliate Marketing:

If you want to make extra income by showing ads on your website, then you don’t need to search for clients who would like to show their ads on your website or blogs because google is most important platform to help you in this.

Google adsense: Google adsense is a platform used to get ads on your website or webpages. With the help of Google adsense, you can start earning from your website.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is a process to start earning commission by selling some other’s website products.

Topics covered in Google Adsense:

  • Introduction to Google Adsense?
  • Difference between Google Adwords vs Google Analytics
  • Easy steps for Google Adsense & Learn to get approved by Google Adsense
  • How much minimum traffic is needed for Google adsense approval?
  • How much traffic will give you good amount of income?
  • Difference between Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing?
  • What is CPC?
  • Creating and maintaining Google Adsense account
  • Right placement of ads on your web page
  • Building blogs with free themes
  • Learn how to increase the worth of your ads
  • Some hidden Tricks to make money from your Blog.

Topics Covered in Affiliate Marketing:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate marketing Overview
  • How Affiliate Marketing works and Affiliate marketing in India
  • Different Affiliate Marketing Programs?
  • How to become an entrepreneur?
  • Creating an Affiliate marketing account
  • How to make high Commission related products?
  • Learn how to get thousands of dollars using Affiliate marketing
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs?
  • Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Programs?
  • Other Affiliate Marketing Networks
  • The 3 A’s of Affiliate marketing
  • Get approved as an affiliate
  • Top affiliate companies to work with
  • Live examples and potential earnings

Note: If you want to work from home or as a freelance then Google adsense and affiliate marketing will help you make lot of money depending on how much efforts you are making in this.

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