Email Marketing:

Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a process to send bulk emails in a single click. You will learn how to use bulk email marketing softwares like Aweber, Mailchimp and website like etc.

In this, you will know how to send each mail in inbox without paying anything.

Topics Covered in Email Marketing:-

  • What is Email Marketing and Life Cycle of Emails?
  • How many types of Email Marketing?
  • Creating email content with email template
  • How to use aweber?
  • Can we use Mailchimp for Email Marketing?
  • How to collect data for Email Marketing?
  • How to send bulk email with your own mail server?
  • Every post notifications on Email
  • Collects leads from Email
  • How to create newsletter for Email Marketing?
  • How to do auto scheduling of bulk Email.
  • ISP, MX Record, Hosting Facility, IP/DNS, MTA, etc.
  • How to analyse email campaign and design email strategy.

Note: Most important part of email is to send email in Inbox and auto scheduling of bulk mails using your own server.