E-Commerce Website Creation and SEO:

E-commerce is a shopping website. E-commerce Marketing is a process to increase your sales through SEO, social media sites, email marketing, content marketing etc.
In this module, you will understand how to integrate your website with the Payment gateway.

Topics covered in E-Commerce:

  • What is E-commerce? Discuss E-Commerce basic concepts.
  • Difference between Normal SEO and E-Commerce website SEO.
  • What is the role of reviews in e-commerce marketing?
  • How to increase e-commerce sales through facebook?
  • How to promote large products in a single click?
  • Effective strategy plan for E-commerce website
  • E-Commerce website design tips and tricks
  • Top E-Commerce websites around the world
  • E-Commerce marketing & traffic generation
  • How to manage & maintain your E-Commerce store
  • How to do SEO of an e-commerce website
  • Using Affiliate Marketing to Promote your E-commerce Store
  • E-Commerce website Strategy Building