Worldwide, there are over 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q3 2017 (Facebook MAUs) which is a 16 percent increase year over year. (Source: Facebook) 1.37 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users (Facebook DAU) for September 2017, which represents a 16
A Digital Marketing Specialist is a master of marketing and advertising on the web. He or she will offer a special Digital Arrangement to target potential customers through- Search Engines Social Media Emails With the help of this, a Digital Marketing specialist will run a viral campaign that not only
Seeing the reach, effectiveness and advertising potential, Twitter is one of the best Social Media Marketing platforms for bloggers, marketers, businesses, and brands. Top marketers have now understood that Twitter is an extremely powerful and exceedingly utilized web-based social networking platform to convert the target audiences. They make powerful Twitter
Facebook has been the supreme social media platform for several years now. Of this, no one has any doubt – be it an individual user or a brand marketer. Even though Facebook started as a pure social media networking platform to help people connect with friends and family, it was
There was a time when Digital meant a room; a room full of publishing and printing equipment. Now Digital is a channel primed for marketing; it is in the palms of the modern consumer thanks to the internet and connected mobile devices. Digital contains many elements such as SEO, Social