Create Basic website using HTML coding:

HTML is the standard “Hypertext markup language” for creating Web pages. In digital marketing course, our objective is not to train you to make a website using coding because website can be created easily using CMS like Word Press.

When you write codes it takes lot of time and coding skills. But if you use word press these codes are automatically generated which takes very less time and no knowledge of coding is required.

But still we have kept one module to learn at least some basic of HTML coding.

Topics covered in this module are:

  • Understanding HTML Codes
  • How to use Notepad and Dreamweaver?
  • Creating HTML Web Page
  • How to design a basic website with few pages, menu?
  • How to use Photoshop for banner designing?
  • How to design SEO-Friendly web structure?
  • Difference between Static and Dynamic website

Note: Please be clear that we have extensive coverage on web designing in later module. This is just an introduction with basic coding features.